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Blissful viewing: Emun Elliott and Joanna Vanderham in The Paradise.LETTER OF THE WEEK

I’m in seventh heaven watching The Paradise on Saturdays on ABC1. There are so many interesting characters in Emile Zola’s story, all brought to life by excellent acting, convincing settings, wonderful costumes and plenty to keep us guessing and eager for more. I also watch the repeat on Sunday, so as not to miss a thing.Evelyn Lawson, KaringalBreathtaking beauty

I am not a fan of vampire stories, but the interpretation of the ballet Sleeping Beauty (ABC1) fascinated me. Bourne’s bittersweet story of Aurora delivers breathtaking choreography and a narrative worthy of the 21st century.Judith Michael, Doncaster EastSpiritless Christmas

Scanning the TV listings for December 25, I had to ask myself, ”Isn’t this Christmas Day?” On Cup Day, I accept airplay will be given to the Cup, even though it doesn’t interest me. So how about something with the word ”Christ” in it, seeing it is a celebration of his birthday? You can enjoy the sheer art form of carols from King’s College, even if you are not a believer. And please, no more lessons on how to be a glutton.Jill Whitford, YackandandahSeasonal disappointment

For years, our family revelled in watching the carols from King’s College Choir, Cambridge, on Christmas Eve on the ABC. A few years ago, this was replaced by carols from various cathedrals around Australia. This year, to my horror, the Christian input of Christmas was abandoned in favour of The Royal Variety Performance with Prince Charles and Dame Edna in the Royal Box. The meaning of the season is to celebrate our heavenly King!Heather Down, North BalwynDull Domain

Although the hosts made it clear that Carols in the Domain is a charity event, raising money for worthwhile causes, much of the event did not feel very Christmassy.Scott McPhee, Briar HillLacking variety

What a bore was Christmas Eve’s Royal Variety show. There was so little variety. It seemed as if it comprised 70 per cent vocals and 25 per cent stand-up comedians, with just the rest variety. Where was all the other talent? Where were the acrobats and magicians?Harry Hauptmann, Mount ElizaRight-royal flop

While the Christmas Eve Royal Variety Performance on ABC1 had its moments, overall, it was more like the Royal Variable Performance.John O’Hara, Mount WaverleyRevive the classics

When are networks going to show some of the old Christmas classics, such as Alistair Sim as Scrooge in A Christmas Carol, or the O. Henry trilogy of short stories, including The Gift of The Magi, or even that perennial favourite, Frank Capra’s film, It’s a Wonderful Life?Tom Hunter, SandringhamTalk proper

Puhleese, Big Bash commentary team, can we go back to the time-honoured British and Australian pronunciation of hurricane, with the ”A” sounding as it is in ”abed”? I’ve been saying it that way for nearly 80 years. Pronouncing the ”A” as in ”day” is totally American. Get rid of it.Arthur Comer, SebastopolCreatures great and small

I’m not surprised by the response of Eric Peterson (Letters, 26/12) to the reasonable treatment of possums on ABC’s Possum Wars. The very simple question is, who was here first? Unfortunately, there are still pockets of humanity (ha!) that live under the delusion that they are supreme beings and have the right to deal with the world and its varied (non-bipedal) occupants as they deem fit.Peter Minahan, CockatooFirst fauna

Eric Peterson, I think the possums and other wildlife were there long before your suburbia was built. We have displaced so many of our native animals, it is good to see a few of them hanging on, still.Dave Torr, Hoppers CrossingPatients exploited

Pertaining to Arthur Jarvis’ assertion that I labelled patients on Embarrassing Bodies as ”freaks” (Letters, 19/12), I must point out that I never contended so. I merely outlined how such content does not belong on television; rather, it is something to be discussed in private at the local doctor. Glorifying humiliating illnesses for others to cringe at does not constitute social acceptance.Finn Hardwhaler, FitzroyBring back brain food

I, and many of my older friends, regularly watched Eggheads on the ABC. It is a true knowledge-based program that both entertains and stretches our synapses. Moving this BBC show from 5pm to 5.30am is most unwelcome. It has been replaced by children’s shows, it seems, and they are all day long on ABC3. Surely, we brainiacs could have one regular program among the tinsel and dross at this time of year?David Hood, RichmondIn praise of Macca

While many people appear to dislike Ian ”Macca” McNamara, I think he appeals to many people, particularly in the bush, and often unites people behind noble causes such as buying Australian-made products.Alex Brown, AshburtonMorbid evenings

3AW seems to want to punish its elderly listeners. As if being cut off mid-sentence by Bruce Mansfield on Nightline is not bad enough, we have to visit ”Tombstone Territory” every night. The funeral advertisements seem to have been replaced by ads for tombstones. Can’t the advertising department understand people over 60, probably the demographic of Nightline listeners, do not want to be reminded of death, especially at bedtime?Margo Ashton, Ry

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